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Human hair IF1

  • Product Description

    • Made with natural human hair soft to the touch
    • For lower lash and natural lash extension
    • Each tray has 60 strand of hair
    • Each strand is made with 10 piece of hair and 6mm long
    • For ultimate customization and control

    Style: IF1
    Color: Black
    1 pair of premium eyelashes
    About style IF1:
    6 mm long . For those who look for ultimate customization and control. This tray of individual 
    lashes are made with 100% natural human hair, Flare piece with 10 strand of hair and each
     tray has 60 pieces. All of Zink Color false eyelashes  will be comparable with big brand name
     and we are bringing it to you at a fraction of the cost and with even more style to choose from.
    How to Apply: - Apply the false eyelashes at the last step of your make up 
    procedure, lightly curl the lashes with an Eyelash Curler, - use slant tweezers,
    pick up the False Eyelashes from the plastic case, - measure the false eyelashes 
    to your upper lash line. if the False Eyelashes seems to be too long for your eyes, 
    adjust the length by trimming the inner/outer corner (depends on style), then bend
    the lashes to curve - dot a few drops of DUO Eyelash Adhesive (Highly recommended, 
    what pro make up artist use) to the edge of the False Eyelash, - wait 15-30 seconds
    for the Adhesive to dry, - with your chin up at 45 degree angle and eyes looking down,
    then apply the False Eyelashes to your upper lash line starting from the outside
    corner of the eye , - wait for the adhesive to dry completely before opening/batting
    your eyes.
     FALSE EYELASHES Removal, Re-use and Maintenance: -DO NOT tear off your
     false eyelashes as you will pull off your original lash hair and will irritate your eye
     lid. -Always use a dual phrase eye make up remover, to remove your false eyelashes 
    as it will effectively dissolve the eyelash adhesive. - wet the cotton pad with dual phrase
     eye makeup remover and dab the cotton pad to your eye lid for about 10 seconds, then
     you can gently remove the false eyelashes easily - use the same cotton pad to remove
     any remaining eyelash adhesive sticking at the edge. -put it back in it's case, to maintain
     it's original shape - NEVER apply mascara if you intended to re-use it. Only apply
     mascara to your own lash.
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